We grow a bit larger, danish translation has been added to TinyCMS

Thanks to our friend Jacob Volstrup we now support Danish. Please get the code from github. Jacob will be helping with some improvements and after the release of 1.1 we will update the website files too.

Russian translation for TinyCMS

Thanks to our friend SeregaSPb we now have the translation for TinyCMS in Russian. This will be bundled in the next release of TinyCMS. Due to the requests the next version will have a simple blog module as well. For … Continua

PC Desk custom mod

It all started when I was 9gagin’ and saw this: L3p D3sk, original here. Credits go to the awesome Dutchman Peter Brands. STEP ONE – Prepping 3D modelling of what I imagined: Clara.io Minor parts from Aquatuning.de NZXT Sentry 2 NZXT Hue … Continua